How is Getting an iPhone a Goal?

Well, it isn’t really about the phone, specifically.

It’s about setting money aside in my budget for the upfront cost. It’s about having the financial stability to commit to a potentially pricey data plan. It’s also about the self-control and delayed gratification involved in waiting.

Could it have been a Blackberry? Or a Nokia? Or a Samsung? Sure, but I’m a bit of a Mac fangirl and I knew an iPhone was what I wanted. I like the way Apple products work. Some of my friends have Blackberries and I don’t really like them. Android phones aren’t bad, but I had concerns about whether or not I could seamlessly synch my contacts, calendars, notes, etc. Sticking to the same brand as my computer made sense in that regard.

Plus there’s an element of lifestyle simplification. My iPod Classic is just over four years old now and is starting to glitch on me. I constantly have a pile of notes and lists floating around my purse because I keep my To Do List and schedule on my computer at home. My digital camera was never a top quality item but it was better than the one built into my phone. And oh, my phone… I’ve hated that stupid thing since the day I bought it three and a half years ago, but I stuck it out because I wasn’t in a financial position to replace it with the phone I really wanted. Now I have one device that does it all.

So getting an iPhone may not be on par with getting down to a healthy weight or mastering a challenging skill in the grand scheme of things, but for what it represents, it was a goal worth stating and achieving.

And I just did.

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