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I’m a little late here, but as they say, better late than never. So what did I accomplish this year?

I conquered two of my fears: dogs and crowds. I’ve actually become a bit of a dog lover! Stage fright and my fear of physical contact and being carried over, and my fear of the dark is being added.

I accomplished four of my tasks: my iPhone, Newfoundland and Signal Hill, dating, and I whittled my To Do List down to a Post-It. Well, technically an app screen, but by categorizing, prioritizing, and deconstructing larger tasks, I’ve gotten to the point where on any given day I only have three to five things to do. Very Post-It friendly!

The others I’m carrying over: get down to a healthy weight and maintain it (I’m trying to de-emphasize specific numbers); visit Newton, KS (preferably on 1 December); get a tattoo; and form a band and play a show. I made a bit of progress on that last one; I auditioned for several bands and tried getting individual players together, but I lost steam early on. I’m splitting that one into two separate goals, though, so I can’t use “I don’t have a band” as an excuse not to take my guitar to an open mic night and do it solo.

I’m adding two new tasks: work my way through The Artist’s Way, and finish a first draft of my novel. I’ve already got a full outline and a few chapters, but I want the whole book, even if it is just a draft.

For skills, I managed to go skating but wouldn’t say I got the hang of it. I’m also carrying over learning to juggle, and adding knitting, because there’s a chance my brother will have a crotchling this year and I’d love to dress it in this!

Habits were the most difficult as they require continued effort and commitment. I did, however, manage to get into the Word regularly and address my mental health, both of which I’m continuing this year.

New habits will include getting active in ministry and/or small group, bicycling more often, and adopting the 5 Minute Rule (doing small “5 minutes or less” tasks right away to avoid long To Do lists, overflowing inboxes, and random piles of things to be put away).

The remaining habits (church, healthy eating habits, be creative, budget, put an effort into my appearance, take the stairs, and give up the snooze button) are being carried over, but I think I stand a better chance with them this year because…

I’m leaving Toronto. I’m keeping my job (thank goodness), but I’ll be working remotely from London. Toronto is a very difficult city for me in a lot of ways. My therapist, shrink and I agree that while I can survive here, I can’t thrive. I appealed to my bosses and, after almost three months of patience and prayer, I’ve been provisionally approved.

In London I’ll have a lot more support networks available, and a lot less daily stress. Plus I’ll have much lower living expenses and will be able to aggressively tackle my debt. Last year I only reduced it by 4% because I could only afford the minimum payments and often resorted to credit to make ends meet.

I’ll certainly miss the office, my Toronto friends, and the myriad concerts, but I’ll commute into town periodically for all those things. Plus, with some of my major stressors removed, I’ll have more energy left over to put towards my lifestyle and sanity.

So that’s 2012 in a nutshell. Here’s to a happy, healthy, leveled up 2013!

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