Big Changes, Big Results

There’s something undeniably fantastic about living in The Big City. And by “fantastic”, I literally mean “like a fantasy”. Every neighbourhood has a distinct personality. High rises tower over century homes. There’s always something to do — even at 3:00 in the morning — if you know where to look.

But alongside that fantasy is the harsh reality of 24-hour a day traffic, sky high rental prices, and transit that treats you more like a sardine than a human being. If you can’t afford your own place, you share. Good roommates can be hard to find, and if the politics don’t work out, home life can be more stressful than any career.

The last two and a half years have brought a lot of ups and down, but for the last several months, the downs have outweighed the ups. Back in October I made an inquiry that finally culminated, a week and a half ago, in packing up my life and moving out of The Big City and back to The Hometown.

I brought my job with me and now I’m working from home. I’ve been able to sweep a lot of distractions out of the way, and the results?

I’ve got from eating take-out and frozen dinners to home-cooked meals. The portions are smaller, too. The net result is that I’m fitting back into a pair of jeans I’d written off a month ago.

My work has improved, too. I no longer look out safety glass windows at the concrete jungle. Most afternoons, in the gaps between songs, I can hear birds chirping in the trees. Songs, I might add, which I can listen to on speakers instead of earbuds, and sing along to at full volume. I’m completing almost three times as many files as I used to. Even my boss has commented on my increased productivity.

These things, combined with better sleep, less financial pressure, and reconnecting with old social circles, has had a noticeable impact on my mood. Friends have commented on how much happier I seem compared with a month ago.

I have a long road ahead of me. Very long. Longer than I care to think about most days. But facing that road with a positive attitude, with the energy to make the necessary effort, is what will make the difference between a year full of backsliding and regrets, and a year of unlocked achievements.

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