Well this is inconvenient…

I’ve known for a while now that I spend too much time at home. I work from home, and I’m not an exceptionally social creature, so the vast majority of my time is spent either in my own apartment, or visiting my parents upstairs. This is my comfort zone. Lately, however, it has felt a little too small to be properly comfortable.

To remedy this, I recently spent some time looking for events and activities in town that could force me out of the house now and again.

Growing up, I always thought London was kind of boring. We had our fair share of festivals in the summer months, but that was about it. And being a pale-skinned ginger, outdoor festivals are not my friend. Of course, when I was growing up, Google wasn’t yet “a thing”.

Two support groups, a creative writing group, a series of slam poetry events and workshops, casual political events, official political events… When combined with my already planned outings to the gym and church, I could easily be out of the house (and social!) at least three or four times a week.


About a week ago, the backs of my legs starting to itch. After a day of walking around Toronto, my jeans, boots, and socks had irritated that itch and spread it from thigh to toe in the form of an allergic reaction. Somehow or other it moved further upwards, too, jumping to my chest, neck, and scalp.

Too much information? Sorry. Basically, a third of my body is now in such a state of discomfort that the idea of putting on enough layers of suitable clothing to leave the house is positively harrowing.

So I didn’t go to the writers’ group, the slam poetry events, the city council meetings… I managed an hour or so on Friday to pick up a week’s worth of groceries and essentials, but as soon as I got home I changed into my loosest, softest PJs, covered any exposed skin with soothing creams and balms, and popped the first of many, many antihistamines.

So now I have a new item on my “get out of the house and do” list: allergy testing, to figure out what the hell caused all of this so I can avoid ever going through it again. Huzzah…

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